The Activity Coordinator’s Friend


The Activity Coordinator’s Friend

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As our business grows we are constantly re-evaluating, to make sure that what we offer continues to help your role and improves the lives of the elderly and those living with dementia. That has always been our aim, and it hasn’t changed.

In fact, this concept of being ‘The Activity Coordinator’s Friend’ is something that runs through our DNA. It’s in everything we do – from every new product or training scheme we launch to simply how we answer the phone and the support and time we give to your questions and queries.


We know that there are lots of things that make your jobs easier – money and time being some of the most critical! And while we can’t expand the hours in the day or help with funding, we can help with training to ensure the best use of your time, the most efficient planning, the most effective activity sessions. We can help you learn about the different stages of dementia, how to tailor your sessions to meet the needs of all your residents, how to engage other staff and how to have more confidence.


We can help with resources that provide you with daily changing topics and ideas for crafting sessions, chit chat clubs, days out, special events and more. We can provide music CDs, quizzes, songs, games and stories to delight and amuse your residents, and in turn, you and your staff. We can help with engaging the rest of your home in activities, we can help you learn how to manage the different stages of dementia, and how to use life story work to target different individuals and really achieve person-centred care.


We can help with being a supportive friend, on the end of a phone for queries or questions, however small, and we can help you create a network of fellow coordinators with whom you can share ideas, frustrations and experiences. We can help by sharing stories of best practice with you, pointing out top tips and ideas from fellow coordinators, and drawing your attention to new schemes and concepts designed to make your role easier.

We can help by simply being there for you – by offering the training you need, the resources you need, and the support you need.

This is our manifesto. It’s what we want to do for you and it’s what we believe we are doing. Whenever we discuss anything as a team we’re always asking: “How do we solve this problem? How can we answer that question? How can we make this work better? How can we improve activities?”

And so, we’re on the journey with you – side by side, step by step, session by session.  Someone to count on. A friend, in fact.