Using the Sparkles: Music & Singing

There are lots of unique ways to use the Sparkles. They function most simply as a newspaper with reminiscence topics and stories from the past, but, with a little creativity, and the use of all the extra resource we include, you can use them for a range of activities throughout the home. Here we look at how they can be used for musical and singing activities

The music CD provides a fantastic opportunity for interaction – if you have one, get out a box of instruments and encourage everyone to get involved with a musical sing song afternoon – something nearly all residents, of different abilities, can enjoy. It’s a great way to get a group working together and sharing an activity. Those with musical talent will love the opportunity to make music again, and those who are less musical will appreciate the chance to communicate in a different way. Charity shops and second-hand sales are great places to pick up old instruments, you could also ask local schools if they have spare instruments they aren’t using.

At Hillside Nursing Home, the music CD is used for a game of ‘Name that Tune & Artist’ – something most residents can participate in, and those that are unable to still enjoy the music and singalong. You will also find that the music prompts lots of memories – something which can really help with life story work and finding out more about your resident’s pasts.

You can also use the music CDs as background music for tea parties and dances, and even use them in music therapy sessions.

At Walton Community Hospital the team use the CDs for a singalong group on each ward, getting the patients to join in. The physiotherapy team also encourages the patient to get up and dance or swing their arms – any form of exercise that is beneficial for the patients.