Using the Sparkles: Whole home

There are lots of unique ways to use the Sparkles. They function most simply as a newspaper with reminiscence topics and stories from the past, but, with a little creativity, and the use of all the extra resource we include, you can use for a range of activities throughout the home. Here we look at how they can be used to engage the whole home.

At the Royal Albert Day Centre, they use the Sparkles to create whole themed weeks. The fashions and topics displayed in the articles act as the guides for the themed week, and all activities are arranged around a particular theme – which means all the art projects, cooking, decoration making, entertainment and trips out. Even staff and service users dress-up in clothes of the specific era.

And, at Stockport Lodge Care Home, the team re-invents one day in the week of The Daily Sparkle and carry out the theme throughout the day. Residents and staff take part in the daily activity, helping to set the scene and ensuring that everyone in the care home is taking an active part in activities.