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Using the CD.

Your CD is based on The Sparkles’ singalong columns.
Take a few minutes to play through some tracks and familiarise yourself with the CD. Your CD should work on any cd player but please test that it is working before using it with residents present.

After the tracks that are in the Daily Sparkle columns we have added some extra tracks to be used as quizzes.

·      There is a clip of a Mystery Voice or Theme Tune that your audience can guess. It is usually track 31 or 32.

·      This is followed by 5 Spot the Tune clips. Again, these are short sections of well-known tracks but should be enough to help your audience guess the title.

·      And finally there are some sound effect tracks. These are referenced in our Monthly Resource Packs but can also be used by Daily or Weekly subscribers as part of a stand-alone quiz to see if residents can guess what the sound is.


General Support Material

Download  some helpful CD "Top Tips" here

Download stimulating generic questions for the Singalong CD here

Download a guide for getting the most out for your Quiz/Singalong CD here


August 2017

Download August 2017 Lyrics Here

Download August 2017 "Fascinating Facts" Here

Download August 2017 Playlist Here


September 2017

Download September 2017 Lyrics Here

Download September 2017 "Fascinating Facts" Here

Download September 2017 Playlist Here


October 2017

Download October 2017 Lyrics Here

Download October 2017 "Fascinating Facts" Here

Download October 2017 Playlist Here


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