Certificate of membership

Designed for display in your care home, the certificate confirms your home’s membership and commitment to providing the highest quality of life for your residents.


Reduced subscription prices

On the anniversary of your membership your subscription fees will be reduced, and this will happen every year ongoingly.


Subsidised Training.

Following the results of independent research carried out in 2015 it was shown that Activity Coordinators can get even better results from The Sparkles by having fun at a Training Day. Club members will benefit from subsidised training.


Activity Coordinators Forum

The Sparkles online Forum is exclusive to Sparkles Club members and provides support from your fellow Activity Coordinators in many areas where you can benefit from the ideas and opinions of others. Here are some current topics:

·      How can I get the best value from my small budget?”

·      “What to do with a resident who is always noisy in my activity sessions?”

·      “How can I get on better with my manager? (I feel she doesn’t like me)”

·      “What is the best way to keep activity records for the CQC?”

·      “How do I get other of the home’s staff to be involved with the residents?”

·      “Any ideas for people who are stuck in their room all day?”


Free Webinars

Get some special insights from industry experts in our Webinars programme.


Monthly Competitions

£100 prizes each month for you to spend however you wish. Not only that, our competitions are fun too.


Subsidised Coaching & Mentoring

Nowadays there are many attractive career opportunities for Activity Coordinators. The Coaching & Mentoring service can help you be well prepared for the next opportunities when they come along.


Activity Coordinator helpline

Manned during normal office hours our helpline is covered by people who have a wealth of experience, and if we don’t know the answer to your question, we’ll find out for you.


Monthly Newsletter

Fun, a good read, and lots of information and news on subjects which will be of interest to you


Become a Sparkles Champion

As a Sparkles Champion you will gain a whole new level of goodies and benefits that will not only improve your life, but will have positive effects on your residents too.