Christmas Card Competition…

A chance to win every day in December!


Throughout December we want you to send us your Christmas card designs! This is a brilliant activity for your residents to get involved with. We will be choosing a winner every day until Christmas, and winners will be featured on the Daily Sparkle Facebook page as well as receiving a 2021 Daily Sparkle Wall Planner for your office or home.

To enter, simply send your name, postal address, and a picture of your design to between 1st – 21st December.

Competition Tips

Organise a simple heads-together chat with your manager to help you drive this competition. Entering our competitions is a great marketing tool, showing how your residents are involved and how proud they are to see their contributions in print. For competitions involving your residents, an activity session to gather their stories will look great on your activities schedule.

Ask relatives for ideas as they will love to feel valued and involved. They also know your residents better than anyone and will love seeing them have an opportunity to shine. If you don’t have regular Relatives’ Meetings, gather together some of your most passionate relatives to help. Don’t forget to add this activity to your upcoming activities and events, so you can allocate time with residents to make it happen.

Share ideas in your daily handover / team meetings as everyone has some inner creativity, and you never know what ideas your colleagues may have!