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Health Care Groups

With ‘activities’ now being a top priority for healthcare marketing departments it is more important than ever to have quality and consistency across all a group’s care homes. Leaving your activities programme to each home is fraught with the dangers of wide variations of quality and effectiveness.

At The Daily Sparkle we have a big investment in making our resources really work for you. That’s why we provide comprehensive training that guarantees high usage and effectiveness outcomes.



  • Independently proven. In independent research (Marketing Means, 2015) The Sparkles were shown, on average, to engage over 60% of residents. They also achieved unrivalled success in having large numbers of non-activity staff engage with residents by using The Daily Sparkle.

  • Hard copy evidence. With unannounced CQC visits being the order of the day, The Sparkles provide clear ‘hard copy’ evidence of your homes’ commitment to meet the pastoral and emotional needs of your residents.

  • Build your homes’ reputation. The Sparkles are quality through and through. Having your customised Daily Sparkles placed next to the signing-in book, and including them in brochure requests are proven reputation-enhancers (and very good for marketing your home!)

  • Branding. Each home’s Sparkles are branded with your group’s logo and customised with the names of each participating home. Brand-building was never easier.

  • Save money and time. Independent research has shown that Daily Sparkle users save an average of 4 hours every week by using ready-to-use Sparkles rather than spending hours planning and preparing activities. The Sparkles pay for themselves and save you around £100 a month on top. Taken over your whole group, that’s many thousands of pounds!

  • ‘Extra mile’ service levels. As a corporate subscriber you will benefit from exclusive features such as bespoke competitions for your residents and staff, individually designed 100th Birthday Sparkles for your residents, an Activity Coordinators’ helpline etc.etc

Many of the best Health Care groups in the UK trust The Daily Sparkle to help them deliver great daily reminiscence.


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The Daily Sparkle is full of articles, quizzes, old news stories, gossip, puzzles, singalongs and entertainment geared towards stimulating the mind and improving memory. Find out more

Free Singalong CD

Each month we will post you a singalong CD.  Each CD contains all the songs included in the daily newspapers, providing you with multi-dimensional approach to reminiscence.

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Branded For Your Facility

The Sparkles are branded for your particular facility, for example: "Greenacres Care Home". This makes your care visible to residents, visitors, and CQC inspectors alike.

Save Hours Preparing

As well as  providing fresh reminiscence material, each edition comes with comprehensive carers' notes - giving you background info and questions to help you deliver great sessions.  

Independent research by Marketing Means Ltd shows some impressive results - see more info here

The Daily Sparkle will enhance your Whole-Home approach as it's fun and easy for all to use.

  • 3 full weeks of the Daily Sparkle
  • Carers notes for each edition
  • Singalong CD
  • No payment info or commitment required
  • Choose The Weekly or Daily Sparkle options


  • 3 full weeks of the Daily Sparkle
  • Carers notes for each edition
  • Singalong CD
  • No payment info or commitment required
  • Choose The Weekly or Daily Sparkle options