Features of The Daily Sparkle

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Reasons you'll love the Daily Sparkle reminiscence newspapers

  • Carer’s notes accompany each edition, containing supporting information to the articles. The carer’s notes are especially useful for young staff members that may not relate to the era featured, and also for foreign staff, unaccustomed to the cultural background of the elderly in the UK. Any member of staff can engage with residents after a quick read of these background notes. DELETE AS IT IS IN GRAHIC ABOVE

  • Easy and fun to use  

  • Build relationships between staff and residents, resident with resident, and even between care staff.

  • Flexible– suitable for group sessions, with residents confined to bed and as casual conversation.

  • Comprehensive ‘quick start’ bookletto make the most of the features and to be the basis of a simple reminiscence training

  • Visitors love using The Sparkles to enhance their interactions.

  • Orientation -  clear references to the day’s date help maintain a link to the present

  • Perfect for group reminiscence sessions - helps to build community

•  One-on-one tool – can be read to the resident at their bedside  

  • User friendly -  a truly holistic tool that can be used immediately

  • Record keeping sheets for recording resident participation, personal information and interests.  Great for updating the resident activity assessment and care plan. 

  • Great value for money to help you deliver person centred care