9 Secrets of a Daily Sparkle corporate subscription



As part of a group of care homes, you may have different needs to those of our independently owned subscribers.

We're proud to supply the Sparkle reminiscence newspapers to many groups in the UK and would be pleased to explore how we might help yours.

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 We can offer you a number of choices;

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The top 5 reasons why Heads of Dementia and Activity managers are subscribing their group's homes to The Daily Sparkle 

1. It works - better than an other comparable resource on the market. The Sparkles use the key elements of Reminiscence, Cognitive Stimulation and Orientation Reality therapies to achieve optimum levels of engagement and participation.

2. The Sparkles are specifically designed, written and crafted to stimulate reminiscence in people with mild to moderate dementia.

3. Perfect for person-centred activity. Besides its use as a group activity resource The Sparkles are used extensively in 1 to 1 meetings and prompt the resident to hone in on their own unique life experience.

4. The Sparkles support a higher level of all-home interaction with residents. They provide an interesting read for all home staff and thus create a bridge enabling staff to better relate to the life and times of their residents, and as a result create ways of staff engaging the residents in conversation.

5. Exceptional high value-for-money rating. The Sparkles provide fresh daily stimulation that can be used anytime, anywhere, by anyone and come complete with a thorough training and support programme.