Monthly Singalong CD

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Our Monthly Singalong CD is included in your free trial.

Singing is one of the simplest and most effective therapeutic activities for older people and people with dementia. The Sparkle CDs contain the songs from the ‘singalong’ column in The Sparkles to help you easily create fun and enjoyable sessions for those you care for.

These CDs would be included free of charge in your subscription.

Lots of support material (including stimulating questions, background information and a user guide) to help you get the best out of your CD is available here.

Reminiscence Poster


Some activity organisers find a session poster a great way to promote their reminiscence activity sessions. Click here to request one.

Changing Your Sparkles

If you’d like to change the name on your Sparkles, the email address we send it to or any other information simply  let us know.

The Sparkles and Dementia


The Sparkles and dementiaThis White Paper has been written for us by dementia expert and trainer Patsy Pope and gives an excellent overview of how The Sparkle newspapers can be used to meet the needs of those in the varying stages of dementia.

You can download it here.

Will I Be Charged After My Trial?

No. Your trial is free and without obligation. Visit here to begin your subscription to The Sparkles .

Managers Information

The resident or client’s quality of life is important to all Managers, but Managers also have to ensure that other aspects of their facility are working well. For example that all their vacancies are filled (Marketing) or that the care centre receives glowing reports from the CQC. The Sparkles actually support Managers in both these areas.

There are a number of resources that explain the important benefits for Home Managers. These may be useful if you are an Activity Co-ordinator and need to give your Manager information about The Sparkles, or if you yourself are the Manager and want to get more details. Here are the links:

Manager’s Information Brochure

Manager’s Letter

Ready To Subscribe?

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Don’t be shy. Give us a call

If you’re ready to get started visit here to begin your subscription to The Sparkles , or if you have a question about subscribing, simply call us on 0800 2289698 or email us at *protected email*

Reminiscence Training Manual

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Get inspired, understand the subtleties, the tips and tricks, and be ready to lead some amazing reminiscence activities which will bring meaning and fun to those you care for.

How should you use reminiscence activities in the most effective (and enjoyable) ways possible? This training manual was commissioned by The Daily Sparkle and is written by one of the UK’s leading authorities on reminiscence; Bernie Arigho and sells on Amazon for £16.99. It’s yours for free as a thank you from us. You can get it here.

Subscription Costs

The Weekly Sparkle, (10 pages and ideal for reminiscence sessions is £59 per month)

The Daily Sparkle (3 pages of fresh content together with Carer’s Notes) is £59 per month – and includes the Weekly Sparkle free of charge.

Beginners Step by Step Guide

Step By Step GuideThe Beginner’s Guide has been written to assist those who have little or no experience in working with reminiscence, and for those who like to have clear guidelines. Even if you are experienced in reminiscence you may like to read these notes to familiarise yourself with the way that The Sparkles are organised, and how you can get the best out of them.

Click here to get yours.

Not Received Your Sparkles?

It’s common that your Sparkles are being diverted into your Spam folder. If you can’t find them there (we send from *protected email*) get in touch and we’ll re-send them immediatley

To solve the problem you can download the Daily Sparkle Vcard by clicking here.

The Vcard is a digital business card that will add us to your address book, which means your Sparkles won’t be diverted to spam.

It’s safe and easy. To install simply click here and a small file is downloaded to your computer. Simply double click it and it will add us to you address book.

You can do this manually by adding *protected email* to your address book.

Please get in touch if you need help.

Managers Proposal

If you’d like help preparing a proposal for a Manager we’ve prepared a template to help you here.

Want To Cancel Your Trial?

No problem, simply let us know here. If you’d like to restart later we can arrange that too.

Record Keeping

Keep a record of who attends your sessions and note next to their name a few words about their participation level and any insights you gained. For example, a lady might reminiscence about how much she enjoyed listening to piano concerts. This would be great to note and to share with other care staff. Maybe some special piano concert music can be played for her to ‘make her day!’. Download a simple record keeping Spreadsheet here and a PDF version here

A few tips and tricks

Don’t expect too much too soon. The Sparkles take a little time before being accepted and in time, eagerly anticipated.

Leave copies of The Sparkles by the visitor’s book where everyone coming into the care centre will see them. Put a post-it on 1 or 2 copies saying ‘Visitors’ Copy. Feel free to use them on your visit.’

Leave a copy in the staff room or where staff congregate. Put a post-it with ‘Staff Copy’ on the front page.

Read the day’s Sparkle when you come on shift and then use the articles/quizzes/singalongs to prompt interaction with residents in all the various activities and chores you are needed to do. Help other care staff to do the same.

As far as possible, prepare in advance. Read The Sparkles, listen to the CDs, watch the DVDs and think in advance of how you are going to use them

What Are The Carer’s Notes?

Each edition of the Daily Sparkle and Weekly Sparkle comes with its own carer’s notes and provide all the information you need to know about todays Sparkles, including stimulating questions to prompt conversation. They are emailed with your Sparkles each week. Become an expert on each column by browsing them before a session.

Add Us To Your Email Address Book

This means there is much less chance of your Sparkles being diverted to SPAM. Click here for instructions. get in touch.

Adding Your News


Add an extra page of your news. Ideal to help you share local news, events, trips, birthdays, menus, etc. Click here to download. Ideal to help you share local news, events, trips, birthdays, menus, etc

Need More Time?

If you need extra time to organise your subscription (for example, if a manager is away or head office need involvement) let us know and we’ll try and assist.

Weekly or Daily editions?

It’s a matter of preference. You will receive both during your trial Let us know if you need any clarification.