We are always asking our subscribers to let us know how else we can support them in their work. Recently one of our subscribers shared that new residents are often anxious at the time that they move from their own homes to a care home. She suggested that we create special Daily Sparkles based on the local history of the area in which the homes are located . These could then serve to lessen the anxiety as they could be given to the new resident who would thus be made more aware of the close connection between the home and the local community.

As an experiment we created a ‘Totnes Special’ which has indeed been well received and used by the local subscribers of The Daily Sparkle. They have told us that not only new residents benefit, but also existing residents love to read and talk about times gone by in their locality. On top of that it has created a lot more discussion between the residents, generating new friendships. The care staff too have been much more drawn into the conversations and have also found it easy to relate in a fuller way with the residents.

We want you to enthuse and inspire your residents to share their stories of how life was and what happened in their locality during their living memory. As they are doing this we want you to take notes and send their stories into us. We will then edit them and design your very own local history Daily Sparkle. If you can send us 4 or more stories we’ll design a beautiful local history special edition of The Daily Sparkle for you and your residents to enjoy. You can also use it to reassure new residents that there’s still a strong connection to the local community.


What you need to send us:

- A minimum of 4 stories of approximately 100 to 110 words. You can however send in as many stories as you like – the more the merrier!!

- An image to go with each story (this should be connected to the story’s topic, or you can have a photo of the resident)

- A not-too-difficult quiz based on local history of around 12 questions (and answers)

-Please use the form below to send us your stories. If you need to send us more stories please use a second form.

-For each story/memory given, please include the name of the resident that created it.

-Please only use the form below to submit your stories. 

-Please use the text fields on the form to type in the stories and memories on behalf of your residents.


How to go about gathering the stories:

-Organise a Chit Chat Club group reminiscence session with the theme of ‘Our Local History’

-After settling everyone in explain that this session is about collecting some local history stories and that a special Daily Sparkle is going to be made from their stories.

-To give them an idea of what you are looking for read out and show them the articles that have been written about Totnes – print out the Totnes Special download here 

-Now ask them to talk about some memories of special events or stories of their local area. As they are talking make a note of who is speaking and of the main details that they are sharing about. Try to write down some of their own words and phrases. If possible, record the conversations so that you can refer to them afterwards. Give everyone a chance by asking them, by name, for their stories. After the session write up the notes into articles along the same lines as you see in the Totnes Special.

-If your residents are able, please do encourage them to write down their own local memories and/or stories. You can then type this into the form below on their behalf.

Fill out my online form.