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A care home manager’s job is rarely an easy one – achieving high occupancy; gaining good or outstanding CQC ratings, keeping within budget, creating a happy home with happy residents and positive staff, and generally managing a very complex and demanding organisation!


The Daily Sparkle can’t solve all your challenges, but it can make a big difference in many areas. That’s why over 1000 managers make a small investment for a massive return.

  • A happy home. The Sparkles ‘get people talking’ – about happy memories and good times. Through sharing in these memories, staff get connected with the residents and build positive relationships. Connectedness is what builds happy homes

  • Hard copy evidence. With unannounced CQC visits being the order of the day, The Sparkles provide clear ‘hard copy’ evidence of your commitment to meet the pastoral and emotional needs of your residents.

  • Build your home’s reputation. The Sparkles are quality through and through. Placing your customised Daily Sparkles next to the signing-in book, and including them in brochure requests are proven reputation-enhancers (and very good for marketing your home!)

  • Save time and money. Independent research has shown that Daily Sparkle users save an average of 4.2 hours every week with the ready-to-use Sparkles rather than spending hours on planning and preparing activities. It pays for itself and save you around £100 a month on top.

  • Enjoyed by visitors. Visitors love The Sparkles. There are so many new and fresh things to talk about by using The Sparkles when visiting residents (a change from the weather!)

  • Flexible and mobile. Use anywhere, by anyone, anytime. No matter what the situation The Sparkles are a ready-to-use resource that gain immediate interest and get people talking.


                              independent survey by marketing means ltd - 2015

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Fresh content every day

The Daily Sparkle is full of articles, quizzes, old news stories, gossip, puzzles, singalongs and entertainment geared towards stimulating the mind and improving memory. Find out more

Free Singalong CD

Each month we will post you a singalong CD.  Each CD contains all the songs included in the daily newspapers, providing you with multi-dimensional approach to reminiscence.

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Free 21 Day Trial

It's understandable that you would want to try The Daily Sparkle before making up your mind. That's why we offer you a 21 day trial with no obligation whatsoever. Click here to get started.


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Branded For Your Facility

The Sparkles are branded for your particular facility, for example: "Warwick General Hospital". This makes your care visible to patients, visitors, and CQC inspectors alike.

Save Hours Preparing

As well as  providing fresh reminiscence material, each edition comes with comprehensive carers' notes - giving you background info and questions to help you deliver great sessions.  

Independent research by Marketing Means Ltd shows some impressive results - see more info here

The Daily Sparkle will enhance your Whole-Home approach as it's fun and easy for all to use.

  • 3 full weeks of the Daily Sparkle
  • Carers notes for each edition
  • Singalong CD
  • No payment info or commitment required
  • Choose The Weekly or Daily Sparkle options


  • 3 full weeks of the Daily Sparkle
  • Carers notes for each edition
  • Singalong CD
  • No payment info or commitment required
  • Choose The Weekly or Daily Sparkle options