Benefits of The Monthly Resource Packs for Care Home, Day Centre and Hospital Ward Managers

Here are just some of the benefits for managers

Empower your activity staff to provide an activity programme you can be completely proud of.

Happy Residents. The 3 most common maladies that older people in care suffer are boredom, loneliness and feeling helpless. Providing quality activities relieves boredom, enables people to experience a sense of contribution, and provides social contact to combat loneliness.

The Resource Pack is an ideal toolkit to help new Activity Co-ordinators achieve a successful start to their new job

The Resource Packs and The Sparkles reminiscence newspapers are designed to be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. They are therefore a perfect ‘Whole Home’ resource which can be used by care staff, catering, admin, maintenance etc.

The monthly magazines and The Sparkles are hard copy evidence that your home is providing a quality living experience for your people. We have dozens of testimonials from managers reporting that CQC inspectors are very impressed when they see The Sparkles and the Magazines

Most care home managers share responsibility for keeping their home fully occupied. The Resource Packs and Sparkles are powerful marketing tools - tangible proof that your home goes the extra mile to provide a quality of life for residents - reassuring news for prospective customers or relatives.

Save Money! A major UK survey found that on average Activity Co-ordinators spend over 4 hours every week preparing and planning activity sessions. That equates to around £130 per month, and it also means they are not ‘resident-facing’ for those 4 hours. The Resource Pack save you money and increase the amount of time your Activity Co-ordinators spend with residents.

Fully Guaranteed!
Sign up for 2 months and if you are not delighted with the packs and the results we'll refund your payments in full... no quibbles!

Benefits for Activity Coordinators

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