Daily Sparkle Monthly Plans

The Daily Sparkle monthly plan is intended to help Activity Co-ordinators plan their activities for the coming month.

Most Activity Co-ordinators make a plan of the activities which will be held over the forthcoming month, and although it is sometimes practical to make some changes, this plan provides a solid framework for what is to come.

Our Daily Sparkle Calendar lists the titles of all the articles, quizzes and songs that will be featured in The Sparkles throughout the coming month. Depending on the actual dates, it shows either 4 or 5 weeks of content. The Daily Sparkles contain all the content on the calendar while the Weekly Sparkle features just those columns which are ticked under the ‘WS’ heading.

Knowing what topics are coming up you can now plan in advance specific activity sessions based on the Sparkles content. You might even source supportive materials in preparation. An example might be an article on Bird’s Custard Powder. This could be a good subject for a cookery session. You could buy some Bird’s Custard Powder, milk and sugar (or ask the home’s kitchen to supply you with them), and hey presto, a great session with practical activity, cookery, tasting (sensory), and lots of reminiscence.

As we develop this tool we hope to support you with more helpful links and advice so you can plan stimulating, interesting, enjoyable and fun sessions every day

February 2017 Monthly Plan Click Here to Download

March 2017 Monthly Plan Click Here to Download

April 2017 Monthly Plan Click Here to Download

Daily Sparkle Content Inspired Activity Session Ideas

We have put together a monthly activity session planner which is inspired by the content of the Daily Sparkles. You don't have to do them all or on the same day as the publication but we hope that we can inspire you with some new ideas and ways to enhance your use of the Sparkles.

February 2017 Activity Session Planner Click Here To Download

March 2017 Activity Session Planner Click Here To Download

April 2017 Activity Session Planner Click Here to Download

Resource Pack Magazine Monthly Plan

The Resource Pack monthly plan has been created to help Activity Co-ordinators put together their program of activities for the coming months. We want to give you as much time as possible to organise your activities giving you a clear framework to build on. The plan includes the overall theme for that month, plus the topics and features of the magazine as well as the content of the activity cards and downloads. 

To download the February monthly resource planner click here

To download the March monthly resource planner click here

To download the April monthly resource planner click here

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