A Celebration of British Food

British Food Fortnight runs from 17 September to 2 October this year and is a brilliant opportunity to not only celebrate great British dishes past and present with your residents, but also a really good way to get chefs and dining staff involved too.

Perhaps they could work with you and some keen residents to come up with a special menu which could run for a day or a week, with classic dishes such as toad in the hole, steak pudding, apple pie or trifle? September is also associated with a special meal, known as a Harvest Supper, where people come together to eat and celebrate the bringing home of the harvest. Our September Resource Pack has recipes for Harvest Loaf and Blackberry and Apple Jam, and ideas for hosting a Harvest Supper, while our Pinterest account has plenty of good visual food and drink inspiration. You can find out more information about the event itself here.