Singing with Dad

You might have heard or seen through social media about the internet sensation that is The Songaminute Man - an elderly man living with dementia, driving around in a car with his son, belting out classic tunes that he remembers from his past as a singer. 

This is is the kind of heart-warming content that often gets shared across the world, but on this occasion, it's so important because it's another great example of how music and memory can help someone living with dementia feel connected to their past and their present. It enables them to open up, to laugh and share with loved ones, to recall memories and positive moments from their lives. 

Ted McDermott - aka The Songaminute Man - and his son Mac, are raising money for Alzheimer's Society because of the support and advice they have received over the years. "Without them we would have had very little idea or support about how to deal with even the basics of Dad's condition," says Mac on their JustGiving page, which has now raised £113,000 for the National Dementia Helpline. 

"Dad was a singer throughout his life - he was a Butlin's Redcoat and then travelled around singing in clubs around the country...his nickname is The Songaminute Man - simply because of how many songs he knows. In the last few years his memory has deteriorated a lot - often not recognising me as his son. Its a horrible illness. However, now, when we've got him singing again, he's back in the room. It's these moments that we treasure," adds Mac

You can find out more about them here and find their JustGiving Page here