October Resources - from apples to radios

Our Resource Pack for October has a host of interesting activities sessions and craft ideas, here are a few of our favourites:

1. Radio Days: the importance of radio in people’s lives. We've been looking at the importance of the radio in everyone's lives - from listening to Children's Choice hosted by 'Uncle Mac', the highlight of our Saturday mornings,  to the Shipping Forecast, the Archers and even Women's Hour. What are your favourite programs?

2. Hallowe’en: with crafts and spooky ideas. We've got everything from bat pegs to Hallowe’en bowling for you to enjoy with residents. Halloween doesn't have to just be a scary time - it can be a moment for playful fun and reminiscence of trick or treating from when we were younger

3. Mulled apple juice recipe: There is something very autumnal about the moment the apples start to appear on the trees, their red hue peeping through the fading green of the leaves and reminding us that it is time to wave goodbye to summer. And as the evenings get colder, what could be nicer than a warming cup of mulled apple juice? Make it with your residents using our recipe.

You can find all this and more in our October Resource Pack, available here.