Ten Glorious Seconds

This beautiful short film puts into sharp the relief the reality of dementia, both for those living with it, and most profoundly, for those family and friends affected by it. 

Ten Glorious Seconds features a husband and wife and some of the daily moments between them, the distances, the closeness, the confusion, and - briefly - the recognition. 

The film explores the lives of Albert and his wife Josie, as we follow his struggle to connect with the past, and her hurt and anguish as the man she loves disappears. Each day Josie visits Albert, desperately searching his face for signs of recognition. She brings old photos and talks to him of their life together, but he’s only interested in the big bag of sweets she hands over.
Albert’s memories play out on a constant loop from childhood through adolescence to adulthood and back, but each time with a slight variant. The audience becomes voyeurs as Albert searches back and forth across the years for something that neither he nor we can yet define.

With a voiceover by David Suchet, and wonderful performances from Paul Collard and Gabrielle Hamilton, this very special film is a sobering reminder of the challenges faced by everyone living with dementia, those dealing with it day to day and those whose loved ones are fading from view. 
In the film, we understand that Albert is everything to Josie; but what is Josie to Albert? Finally, just for a moment, we bear witness to the painful intensity which is their love, as their parallel lives merge for just 10 glorious seconds.

You can watch the film here and find out more about how it was made here