Competition Time!

We want to hear from you about what your home is doing to involve and encourage all staff, whatever their roles, to help provide meaningful activities for those in your care.

Our ‘Everybody’s Talking’ competition runs during February 2017, and aims to celebrate and recognise those teams that take every opportunity to provide a more enriching experience for residents together. 

We all know that providing social activity is the job of everyone who works in a care home, but how many other staff are really involved? It’s becoming more and more important that a whole home approach to activity provision is delivered whatever your role is in the home – it’s not just about running a group or organising an outing; it’s about taking every opportunity to provide a more enriching experience together.

This kind of activity should be built into daily life, delivered by all staff and this competition is about celebrating this and spreading the word! Have you involved or encouraged other staff members, whatever their role, to help provide meaningful interaction with residents? Perhaps you run a cookery club with your chef and catering staff? Maybe you have arranged for a resident with secretary skills and experience to help out in the office? Perhaps you try to encourage those with domestic tasks to creatively involve residents.

These are the types of things we want to hear about and be inspired by. We’re looking for examples of good practice, innovation and great ideas – from specific projects, to day to day examples of how your home has involved other staff. Especially those not generally associated with activity provision. How have they brought purpose and meaning to resident’s lives?

All you need do is tell us what you have been doing to encourage a whole home approach – what you did, how you did it and the outcome, in under 500 words and you could win one of three prizes of £100. The winning entries need to be meaningful, inspiring and of course, person-centred. So start thinking about the ways you have encouraged and engaged staff throughout your organisation to make every moment a social activity.

There are 3 prizes of £100 to win o for the most inspiring example of a whole home approach o for the most creative example of a whole home approach o for the most meaningful example of a whole home approach So both a huge project or a small person-centred moment will have an equal chance of winning a prize.

  • Every entry will receive:
    • A Whole Home Toolkit containing Role specific Daily Sparkles – 11 different printed Daily Sparkles featuring articles about aspects of staff roles and how these tasks looked in the 1950s and 60s.
    • Nationality Daily Sparkles – nine printed Daily Sparkles to help staff talk to residents about where their family may have originated from.
    • ‘Everybody’s Job’ - the NAPA guide for the whole staff team. A guide to creating a whole home approach. The guide will contain ideas and tips as well as examples of good practise compiled from all the competition entries. (We aim to send this out within three months of the competition closing.)

Find out more here, and enter here! Closing date is 28 February. Good Luck!