Proud to be a Social Enterprise

Chris Harding, MD & founder recognised at a recent award ceremony

Chris Harding, MD & founder recognised at a recent award ceremony

Right from the start we opted for a commercial structure rather than a charity because we believed that what we can achieve as a social enterprise is greater than it would be as a charity. The commercial structure is more robust and is a better fit with the majority of commercial organisations which operate within the healthcare sector.

We put People before profit.

·      Everyone who works with The Daily Sparkle receives a decent reward for their efforts.

·      We work to enhance the job-satisfaction experienced by Activity Coordinators

·      Ultimately, our resources and services powerfully impact and enhance the quality of life for older people and people living with dementia

·      We are constantly re-investing profits into creating new products and services which benefit Activity Coordinators and older people.

Since launching 13 years ago The Daily Sparkle has offered more and more each year. Our constant question is “What else can we do?” and due to our close connections to Activity Coordinators we also have a constant supply of suggestions. Profits from commercial transactions enable us to listen, respond and create. As I said, we are proud to be a Social Enterprise.

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