‘As an activities coordinator it's my job to raise all funds, (I have no money in a pot!) yet my residents look forward to it every day, they say it's nice to know someone out there talks about history as they remember it and relatives feel that they have something to help them chat about. Since having the Daily Sparkle one of our residents have started reading after years of not being bothered! He said he didn’t want to be left out cos everyone was talking about it! It's a great social magnet!' - Lorraine Carter, Ferendune


'The Daily Sparkle helps 1) communication - it gets residents talking to each other; 2) Mood - It's a great mood lightener; 3) Gossip - it gives residents something to talk to family about...They enjoy the sing-alongs at the back ...they like nothing better than a good old sing-song , that is the one thing that people with Alzheimer's can always do , remember the words to old songs , no matter how far their dementia has progressed' - Sheila Smith, Castle Close Alzheimers Daycentre


'The Daily Sparkle is 1) easy to dip in and out of; for residents with a short attention span each section is short enough, but detailed enough for them to be able to gain something from it; 2) something different every day. In the past £60 would be spent on an outside entertainer coming in once a month for one hour - whilst the residents would enjoy it at the time, it would be quickly forgotten. With The Sparkle - for the same amount of money the residents can get meaningful interaction and enjoyment every day; 3) providing opportunities to have meaningful interactions between staff, relatives and residents.' - Jude Goode, Kingsway Nursing Home


'The pleasure that The Sparkle gives to the residents is fantastic. It provides regular talking points and the conversation starter from it leads on to other topics. Which in turn leads to the involvement of more residents' - Susan Patel, Melbury House


 “Our residents do enjoy reading it and love the 2 activities pages. It's informative and a real reminiscence activity”- Adriana Fernades,  Sunrise Senior living

“Cost concerned me at first but The Sparkle quickly became a good activity tool as well as providing a newspaper for the residents to receive each week, most read it as soon as it is given out. The resident, families, volunteers and carers have a starting point to generate an activity/reminiscence or general chat . It has become part of the Care home for all who visit or care for the residents.” - Gina Day,  Abbeyfield Loughborough Society


"1) The Daily Sparkle reinforces the staff's focus on the social aspects of care, rather than just meeting the physical needs. 2) It helps to show the home's commitment to stimulating our residents, both to the CQC and to families 3) It stimulates our residents!" - Marcus Lyward, Penns Mount Residential Care Home


“At first funds, or lack of them, were an issue for us. But residents are very interested in The Sparkle and it has become part of their day” - Maggie Thomas, Millfield

“Starting was a challenge because of my monthly budget, but The Sparkle was something that my residents and their families enjoyed. The “Way We Were” section is very interesting to us youngsters. My residents enjoy reading and talking about the The Daily Sparkle, it also gives family members a chance to chat about the past with residents and also my residents look forward to the paper boy bringing the paper round each day.” - Debbie Hawkes, Sherrell House


“Excellent tool for reminiscence and general conversation starter. Good marketing tool when displayed in reception and other communal areas”
- Sam Beale, Buchan House

“The Sparkle is a useful tool for engaging with some of our more able residents and we also feel that it will give additional benefit for impressing potential new clients, the council and CQC.” - Andrew Kerr,  Cedar House, The Chesters & Holmlea


“The variety of articles from The Sparkle involves them all. Our staff have equally been learning about our residents history from The Sparkle and relatives have also noted the presence of the Sparkle and pick up a copy. Even residents in advanced stages of dementia are able to identify with the pictorial articles.” - Mike O’Neil, The Beeches


“Our residents have Dementia and we were unsure how the paper would be received and perceived. It brought the residents closer together by means of communication and interaction. It also brought the staff closer to the residents by engaging with them regarding the contents of the paper. I would recommend The Sparkle; the residents surprised me as they appeared to get a lot out from the paper. Also, it enables staff to start a conversation as an activity without the need for planning etc. Residents have asked for copies if the co-ordinator is not around” - Lisa Turner, Acacia House


“The Sparkle is a fantastic piece of work and is enjoyed by residents and staff! Keep up the good work!” - Avril Wooldridge, Lister House


“The Daily Sparkle is used everyday.  The residents enjoy reading it on their own or many of the staff will go through The Sparkle and enjoy going down memory lane.  The sing alongs are particularly popular as they recognise the songs and love singing together and filling in the blanks.They all enjoy the regular trip down memory lane.  If any families are visiting their loved ones they also like to interact, it’s a lovely reminder of happy times gone by.” - Elaine Wright, St Ives House


“I am writing to thank you & all the wonderful staff that produce The Daily Sparkle, it has made such a big difference to our residents, when I took over as manager at Ashfield the activities on offer were very basic & many of the residents chose to watch the TV or stay in their rooms, since introducing The Daily Sparkle to Ashfield the residents will now sit in our lounge discussing the articles, which is fantastic. Many visitors have commented upon what a great way it is to get everyone involved in a group discussion, & even how they remember certain things from their childhood. The carer’s notes are a great way of getting our foreign staff involved, it’s given them an understanding of the way things were for our residents, it also actively encourages staff to partake in the reminiscence activities as many would shy away from this as they felt they didn’t know enough. So once again a BIG THANKS to all involved.” - Kelly Goss, Ashfield Manager


 “Just writing to say a massive thank you for ‘The Daily Sparkle’, it has been more than helpful in my work with people with Dementia at “Whitestones”.  One gentleman in particular looks forward to it and always makes comments on it.  He is in his 80s and has Dementia. I give the ‘The Daily Sparkle’ out every time I’m on shift and have found it very inspirational and it has given me lots of ideas, the carers notes are invaluable and give lots of pointers if I get ‘stuck’.  Your colleagues have done a great job and I haven’t had one bad session, the articles are not too long and they are set out in a way that makes it interesting and grabs your attention.  Some of the residents families have said how much they have enjoyed reading it and it has given them more than the ‘weather ‘ to talk about.  So to sum up - congratulations on a job well done, keep up the good work.”- Marie Scowcroft, Whitestones


“ I found it useful for my male residents as they could read it in their rooms and then gather together afterwards to discuss it. It is very difficult to find activities for male residents to do as they are usually out numbered by the clucking hens as one male resident calls them. Also several articles I had residents saying I remembered that and then talking to others about it.” - Anonymous 


“I cover five wards in the old age psychiatry directorate. The Daily Sparkle fulfills many essential criteria. It looks great in colour print but black and white is good too as it resembles a newspaper that most are used too. The carer's notes are very innovative as it removes the fear felt by younger or international staff, that they can't engage patients in a conversation as they don't know anything about the topic. The carer's notes make it easy for any staff s member/relative to pick up the The Daily Sparkle and have a wee lookie and then a bit of a natter. It is a useful conversation stimulator and the themes always lead on to more stories. A delight for everyone not to discuss the weather! It allows relatives a way of spending time interacting with their loved one when conversations have dwindled.” - Marie Gilpin, Cornhill Hospital


“I would just like to take an opportunity to write and say how impressed I have been with both your Daily and Weekly Sparkle newspapers. The Sparkle newspaper is such a lovely reminiscence tool that is personalised and in turn helps us to show our service users that we care.” - Fiona Throp, Senior Nurse for Older People , Airedale NHS Trust