A Christmas Panto

Instead of writing a newsletter this month, Jan Millward thought she would share a script for a Christmas panto. Filled with fun, songs and familiar characters, this is a simple way to get your staff and residents working together to create something special this season…

Whether you decide to entertain your residents with a show, or to get them involved, the key is not to worry about perfection, and focus instead on having fun. Ask families to join in too, or to help out with making costumes and props.

You can personalise the script by simply adding the name of your area or town in the first paragraph. And don’t worry that Snow White and Cinderella are in The Wizard of Oz – anything goes in panto!

You can download the panto script here, and please make sure to send us your pictures of your big opening night!

Merry Christmas!


[Image: Everyman Cheltenham]