A Plea to the CQC

Just a little bit of literary inspiration for this week, from the amazing Jan MIllward, who shares all her wonderful poetry on her Facebook Page. We loved this one!

Up and down the country,
All across the land
Staff are under pressure
You need to understand.

The folk who do activities
Who try to get it right,
Are working in their own time
Far into the night.

There is no legislation,
No guidelines are in place
No minimum requirements
No telling face to face.

We need the home inspectors
The ones from CQC
To make sure that they are listening
To people just like me.

Some have a great fat budget
But others have to fight
To get a few more pennies
Don’t tell me this is right.

We need to have your backing
A line drawn in the sand,
A minimum percentage
I hope you understand.

The managers will listen
If it’s something they must do
Let’s up the game in care homes
Let’s make this something new

A budget for activities
To improve the lives of many
And training for the staff there
So many don’t have any.

Because what can really happen
If you offer your support
Is a lifeline for the lonely,
Put that in your report!
Jan Millward©