April Wall Planner Activities

Easter will undoubtedly be a key theme in your home, but we shouldn’t forget the other special days this month! Here’s our pick of April events as shown on our 2022 Wall Planner, along with suggested ways to celebrate them.

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9th April: The Grand National

The Grand National is one of the most important days in the racing calendar. Please be aware that some residents may not enjoy watching the race as they may become upset by seeing the horses fall. So approach this event sensitively; reassure your residents that it is a much safer race nowadays than it used to be.

Arrange a fun sweepstake by printing off the names and colours of all the horses – you can find these easily here, on a betting site or in the newspaper. Cut up the names and place them in a hat. Let each resident draw out a slip to keep hold of (you may want to make a note of who drew which horse, in case any residents lose their slips). Arrange small prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Make sure you have a refreshments trolley of drinks and nibbles ready for the big race.

15-18th April: Easter Weekend

Easter weekend begins on Good Friday, traditionally by eating fish for lunch and hot cross buns for afternoon tea.

Residents who follow a strong Christian path may wish to have prayers and quiet time on this day. If possible, arrange for the local vicar to visit the care home.

If the weather permits, hold an Easter egg hunt in the garden this weekend. Alternatively – or additionally! – bring the outdoors in by planting an ‘Easter garden’ in a wheelbarrow. Half fill a wheelbarrow with compost, and invite each resident to plant a bulb. The wheelbarrow can be taken around to each individual bedroom as well as communal areas.

Sunday is often the most popular day for visitors, so make sure you have some simple crafts available for visiting grandchildren this Easter Sunday. It could be something simple such as painting an egg or making an Easter card.

Check the time of church services broadcast on the television, as many residents will like to watch these.

Easter Monday is a lovely day to celebrate young animals. Those of you in rural locations may have links with a local farm who could bring in a small lamb or some chicks for your residents to enjoy. Alternatively, you might have a staff member, relative or volunteer with a baby rabbit or a small puppy who is able to pop in. Small animals always make the day feel special!

23rd April: Shakespeare’s birthday and St George’s Day

Use today day to celebrate all things English!

Arrange a session tasting regional foods, such as Cheddar cheese, Melton Mowbray pork pies and Bakewell tarts. What is the delicacy from your region? Try to plan this in advance and discuss special purchases and/or recipes with your manager and chef.

Explore favourite English poetry, and print off famous quotes from Shakespeare. Can any of your residents recall the titles of Shakespeare’s most famous works?

Arrange and hold a performance of a short play to celebrate St George’s Day. Download and print our script for St George and the Dragon – a whole-home production!

RHS National Gardening Week

Since our 2022 wall planner went to print, the date of this event has moved from the week commencing 25th April (as shown on the wall planner) to 2nd – 8th May. However, we are still including it in this month’s list of dates, to give you extra time to get planning!

The RHS aims to promote the link between gardening and wellbeing. Use their website to find your nearest RHS open garden and arrange a trip out if possible.

You may also wish to arrange a visit to a nearby garden centre – or they may have an expert who will visit your garden and hold a talk for your residents. Involve your residents in discussing a plan for your garden or outside space. Whether it’s choosing which plants to grow, sowing seeds, painting plant pots or making plant labels, there’s a task for everyone.

We hope you find these suggestions useful. We always love to see and hear what our readers have been up to – please email photos and stories to for your chance to be featured in our Reader’s Corner!