June Wall Planner Activities

June is an exciting month for the whole nation. Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee will offer plenty of opportunities for celebration, connection and reminiscence within your care home and wider community. Of course, there are many other special days to look forward to this month, some of which we’ve suggested activity ideas for below. Enjoy!

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2-5th June: The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

2022 marks 70 years of service for Her Majesty The Queen. Embrace this momentous occasion and all of the events and activities it has to offer. We offer plenty of ideas and tips for celebrating with your residents here.

6th June: D-Day Anniversary

Today marks the 78th anniversary of D-Day. Residents will have memories of the sacrifices made by their family, friends and neighbours, and it is important that they are given the opportunity to share and honour these.

The flags will probably still be up from the Jubilee weekend, but everyone will be tired from the celebrations – including staff! – so keep today simple. Check the TV for appropriate programmes commemorating the day.

Run a craft session inviting residents to paint a poppy petal. Then, stick them onto a heart-shaped piece of cardboard to create a beautiful and meaningful collage to display. You could also make red, white and blue paper butterflies and stick them onto windows using Blu-Tack.

Speak to your chef about offering some French-inspired food at mealtimes today. Croissants for breakfast, or a selection of French cheeses with French baguette at lunchtime would be simple options that most residents would enjoy.

7-12th June: National Carers Week

This week, involve your residents in thinking of ways to show appreciation to staff in the care home.

Start by holding a session asking for words that sum up the role of a carer – kind, patient, understanding, etc. Write these words on a large board or sheet of card to make a visual display.

In a craft session, invite residents to make their own thank-you cards to give to the care staff and volunteers.

You could reach out to your local supermarket to ask if they’d be willing to provide some cakes free of charge for your care home staff to enjoy during a shift this week.

Reach out to unpaid carers in the local community and invite them into your care home for an informal social event one evening. This would provide the chance to share your expertise, offer support and provide reassurance. Forming these links between unpaid carers and your care home can be really positive. They may be able to join in with your in-house training for a small fee, and may enjoy feeling part of a care community. The person they care for may also enjoy mixing with your residents and taking part in community events that you hold as a home.

14-18th June: Royal Ascot

Fashion is key when it comes to Ascot. Make it a special occasion by encouraging everyone to dress up in their finest attire for part of the celebrations. Put out an appeal for hats and fascinators. Ask for donations from staff, volunteers and relatives – you will be amazed at what comes in!

Organise a fashion show, inviting both staff and residents to wear their finest clothes and, of course, the hats that you have received. Don’t forget the men – assist them with bow ties and buttonholes so they feel part of the action. Play music and encourage clapping and cheering from the crowd!

Host a special Ascot-inspired meal with dainty sandwiches, pretty canapes and ‘Champagne’ (sparkling grape juice or elderflower fizz). Fine dining is always associated with Ascot, so make an effort to make the dining room tables look extra special with tablecloths and posies of flowers. Try folding napkins into pretty shapes – some of your residents may remember a way of doing this, or simply be willing to help.

Have a bet! You don’t have to bet on the horses. Try betting on what colour the Queen will be wearing or who will be accompanying her.

It is traditional for Royal Ascot ticket holders to stand around the bandstand for a communal sing-song after the races where there is a brass band and lots of flag waving. Recreate this in your home by inviting in a local musician or band, or by playing some brass band music such as this. Print off appropriate song lyrics to hand out to residents.

For downtime, My Fair Lady is the perfect film to show during Royal Ascot.

19th June: Father’s Day

Although many residents will have their relatives visiting them today, it is important to acknowledge the occasion and celebrate it together as a home. Read our ideas for Father’s Day celebrations here.

21st June: Summer Solstice

Astronomically, summer begins at the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year. The summer solstice is celebrated in cultures and religions around the world with various traditions and festivals.

Hold a morning art and craft session – paint pictures of the sunrise or sunflowers. You could also have a go at making your own sundials.

Make a Jenga Stonehenge out of Jenga blocks.

Use ‘summer’ as the theme of your music today – You Are My Sunshine and Here Comes the Sun are both well known and appropriate to enjoy together. Print off lyrics and encourage a sing-song.

22nd June: Windrush Day

First officially recognised as a day of celebration in 2017, today marks the fifth national celebration and 74 years since the arrival of HMT Empire Windrush on 22nd June 1948.

On this day we recognise and thank all the Windrush Generation – the 1,027 passengers who arrived on Empire Windrush – for the contributions they made to Britain during its recovery from WWII.

Today is a day to learn about and celebrate the Caribbean culture. If you have residents with connections to Windrush, invite them to share their memories. Otherwise, invite individuals from your wider community to visit your care home and share their experiences of the Caribbean culture. They may wish to play some reggae or calypso music, serve some samples of their native cuisine, or simply talk about their heritage.

Ask your chef to serve Caribbean-inspired dishes today. Jerk chicken, fried plantain, exotic fruit and coconuts would all make tasty, nutritious additions to the menu.

For a simple craft activity, make friendship bracelets by plaiting together wool in the colours of both the Jamaican and Union Jack flags.

25th June: Armed Forces Day

Start your planning by checking if there are any events on locally.

Invite in a local cadet group, or re-enactors, or ask anyone with a military vehicle if they would be willing to drive it to your care home – if you don’t ask, you don’t get!

Make red, white and blue ribbon badges for each resident to wear, or to decorate walking sticks and/or frames.

Raise a toast to the work of the Armed Forces (serve sparkling grape juice in plastic wine glasses). Follow this with a singalong to appropriate tunes, such as the marches of the Navy, Air Force and Army.

28th June – 3rd July: Henley Regatta

Henley Royal Regatta is undoubtedly the most famous regatta in the world. It is a highlight of both the summer sporting calendar and the social season.

Spread your celebrations of the event out across the five days. On some days, you may wish to simply watch the television coverage and provide Pimm’s as a refreshment. On other days, you may schedule rowing-themed activities.

Plan a regatta-inspired music and movement session. Row, Row, Row Your Boat; My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean; A Sailor Went to Sea; etc.

Make paper boats in a craft session. Then, on a dry and sunny day, set up a paddling pool in the garden and have a go at racing them!

We hope you find these suggestions useful. We always love to see and hear what our readers have been up to – please email photos and stories to for your chance to be featured in our Reader’s Corner!