Celebrating 103 Years with the Sparkling Times

Inspirational resident Beattie Orwell celebrates 103 years, presented with a personalised edition of our Sparkling Times, featuring all the major achievements and moments from her incredible life.

We’re so proud that 103-year-old Beattie Orwell celebrated her momentous birthday recently with a copy of her own personalised Sparkling Times. Beattie lives at her home inBethnal Green and sent us this wonderful photo of her holding her Sparkling Times, which was read out to her on her birthday.

The Sparkling Times is a personalised newspaper which can be created to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, major milestones and Mothers’ and Fathers’ Days too. Using our simple online system you can create a personalised account of a resident’s life – filled with their major achievements, their family, friends and their favourite things – to present them with on a special day. It makes a great gift from loved ones or is a lovely way for the rest of the care home to celebrate the life of a resident. In addition, they truly deliver person-centred care and show how much you value and recognise the individuality of each of your residents. Editions of the Sparkling Times start from 8.99 and you can find out more details here.

Beattie Orwell is a well-known figure in the East End – a former mayoress of Tower Hamlets and involved in the Battle of Cable Street against the Moseley and the Blackshirts in 1936, she was brought up in East London and spent much of her working life in a men’s trouser factory. Last year she featured on Michael Portillo’s ‘Great British Railway Journeys’ and has shared her story of protest with In Her Footsteps, a walking tour of East London which takes people through a virtual story of women-led activism in East London.

Day Centre manager Denise Alexander says: “Beattie is quite famous! She is an amazing lady and still on our member’s committee – even though she lost her sight in her 40s, that hasn’t stopped her being very proactive. We all love her to bits.”

Happy Birthday, Beattie!