Celebrating the Milestones

Personalised Daily Sparkles are allowing care homes to celebrate their residents’ birthdays and other anniversaries in personal, thoughtful and meaningful ways.

We’re really proud of the facility we offer to all our corporate subscribers; for personalised Daily Sparkles to be made when a resident celebrates a special birthday. We work with the activities team and other care staff, who also speak to the family members to get details of a resident’s life, to create a special version of the Daily Sparkle.

This personalised Daily Sparkle – which you can see an example of here – is designed entirely with the resident in mind – featuring stories from their life, major events and personal milestones, as well as hobbies and favourite pastimes. It serves as a perfect, dedicated reminiscence tool, but is also a meaningful and touching gift. Family members love being involved in recalling moments from their loved one’s life and it’s a lovely moment when they read it together and share these special memories. It is also a fantastic way for other residents to get involved, sharing the things they know about the resident and reading the personalised Sparkle with them.

This is a really wonderful thing for care homes to be able to offer – showing in a clear and unique way that they truly offer person-centred care through personalised and thoughtful activities and extras.

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