Charity of the Month: International Refugee Trust

Every month we donate £300 to a worthy charity, chosen by a different member of our team each time. This month, we are donating to International Refugee Trust (IRT) which helps the most vulnerable in South Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda and Jordan by providing vital care, education and a safe environment for refugees.

The charity has opened hospitals, provided prosthetics for those injured by war, run initiatives offering scholarships to girls, opened a children’s home in Uganda and a primary school in south Sudan, as well as providing training and the chance for farmers to learn new skills across the region. This was the choice of one of our writers, David, who says: “This is a small charity, which we have been a supporter of for some years – because it does useful, targeted work, and is very good at supporting small projects in rural Africa.”

You can find out more info about this charity here.