Community, Charity & Groups

Activity Coordinator Approved Top Tips!

Using charities and the local community is a great way to add some more variety to your activities programme. Poetry groupswill send volunteer readers, schools love to visit for projects, museums will often visit and bringartefacts or old, costumes, film groups will come andshow old movies and then chat about them, choirs will come and sing for practice sessions.You could even ask for volunteers to come and play bridge or cards with residents.

Animal charities are always happy to visit and talk a little about the animals they care for and the work they do, many of them will often bring in animals for a little Pet Therapy too. RSPB, Cats Protection League, RSPCA, Wildlife Trusts, The Animal Project, Blue Cross, Horse Trust and Pets as Therapy are all fantastic people to approach for support.

Reach out, you’ll be amazed what comes back!