Making Friends


On 30th July it’s International Friendship Day. To mark the event, our latest competition is all about the ways you celebrate friendship with your residents. Summer is the perfect time of year for residents to spend time with each other, with family and friends, and for you to enjoy time with them in the fresh air.


How to enter

Send us a short paragraph of no more than 100 words, telling us about how you get your residents interacting and making friends. Here are a couple of questions to get you thinking…

  • How do you encourage and celebrate friendships within your care setting?
  • What activities or events would you recommend to other activity coordinators, to promote friendships for residents?

We will choose four winners, who will each receive a game or activity for your activities schedule.


The competition will be open 1st July – 1st August. To enter, write your answer in no more than 100 words on the special entry form below. All entries must be received in this way to be included in the competition. All entries must be received by 1st August 2021 and the winners will be notified by 31st August 2021.


Fill out my online form.

Competition Tips

Organise a simple heads-together chat with your manager to help you drive this competition. Entering our competitions is a great marketing tool, showing how your residents are involved and how proud they are to see their contributions in print. For competitions involving your residents, an activity session to gather their stories will look great on your activities schedule.

Ask relatives for ideas as they will love to feel valued and involved. They also know your residents better than anyone and will love seeing them have an opportunity to shine. If you don’t have regular Relatives’ Meetings, gather together some of your most passionate relatives to help. Don’t forget to add this activity to your upcoming activities and events, so you can allocate time with residents to make it happen.

Share ideas in your daily handover / team meetings as everyone has some inner creativity, and you never know what ideas your colleagues may have!