Music Memories

A competition to involve your residents

Enter from 1st February!

Everyone loves a bit of music! We all know that feeling of hearing a song we love, and finding our toes tapping. Music is especially important when caring for somebody living with dementia, because it can help reduce anxiety and depression, help maintain speech and language, and it enhances quality of life. Key areas of the brain linked to musical memory are often relatively untouched by dementia, so it can be an absolute lifeline for somebody affected by the disease.

This month, to celebrate the launch of our new reminiscence music video playlists and our Music Matters online training course, our competition is all about your residents’ musical memories.


Collecting this material should be enjoyable, as it provides an opportunity for conversation and sharing. By listening and recording people’s memories, you will also increase your knowledge and understanding of their lives and experiences.

There are many ways to gather these stories. You might sit down for a one-to-one chat with a resident. Alternatively, you might run a group reminiscence session focused on music that your residents might recognise. You’ll find some fantastic music playlists in your Resources Toolbox!

Here are some questions you might find helpful:

  • What kind of music do you like?
  • Do you have any favourite singers or bands?
  • Where did you used to go to listen to music or watch bands play?
  • How did you listen to music? Did you have a CD player, or maybe a record player?
  • Did you like to go out dancing when you were younger? Where did you go?

Open questions are good as they encourage the sharing of personal memories. With the resident’s permission, record these memories and enter our competition. Don’t forget to also add any of this new information to their life histories which you keep in the care home.


The Prizes

We will choose four winners, and each winning activity coordinator will receive a free place on our new Music Matters online training course. The winning entries will also be reproduced as columns in the Daily Sparkle, attributed to the resident.


How To Enter

The competition will be open between 1st February and 1st March. To enter, return to this page after 1st February and write your residents story, in no more than 100 words, on the special entry form. All entries must be received in this way to be included in the competition.

You will also need your care home reference number a four or five digit number found in the subject line of the email which has your Daily or Weekly Sparkles attached.

All entries must be received by 1st March 2021 and the winners will be notified by 26th March 2021.

Competition Tips

Organise a simple heads-together chat with your manager to help you drive this competition. Entering our competitions is a great marketing tool, showing how your residents are involved and how proud they are to see their contributions in print. For competitions involving your residents, an activity session to gather their stories will look great on your activities schedule.

Ask relatives for ideas as they will love to feel valued and involved. They also know your residents better than anyone and will love seeing them have an opportunity to shine. If you don’t have regular Relatives’ Meetings, gather together some of your most passionate relatives to help. Don’t forget to add this activity to your upcoming activities and events, so you can allocate time with residents to make it happen.

Share ideas in your daily handover / team meetings as everyone has some inner creativity, and you never know what ideas your colleagues may have!