Our May competition is now open!

Valuing Volunteers


Since we first wrote this competition our care homes have been hugely impacted by the sudden coronavirus outbreak. Now more than ever volunteers are vital to keeping things going, delivering food and medicine, and offering support wherever possible. Many of your regular volunteers will have been unable to visit the care home in recent weeks. However in other ways, volunteers are coming out of the woodwork and providing vital support. Please use this competition as a way to reflect on these individuals as a lifeline, and the ways they are helping your home navigate this situation.


Our May competition celebrates Volunteers Week, which will take place from 1st – 7th June. Volunteers often play a vital role in the care home – running activities, creating clubs, having conversations with residents and a host of other ways. Working with volunteers is a fantastic way of inviting the local community into your care home. They can add so much fun and diversity to your residents lives, and it looks great for family, visitors and CQC to see a diverse variety of events and activities going on.


In your experience, what are the best ways of working with the local community?

What role do volunteers play in your care home?

How do you find, encourage and inspire new volunteers?


The Prizes

Five winning entries will each receive a 25 prize. Winning entries will also be published on our online Hub, where we share ideas, tips and resources for Activity Coordinators. We aim to capture your innovative ideas and highlight examples of best practice, so that they can be shared throughout the care community and help us all improve the quality of care in the UK.


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