Daily Sparkle Music Goes Digital

A new online digital music and video library to launch in 2021 for all subscribers.

From early 2021, all of our music services will be available online, via our app or the Resources Toolbox, making it much easier for you to access songs and videos for your reminiscence sessions.

We will have a bigger selection of songs and music for you and your residents to enjoy, as well as our new video libraries – there’s a selection of music and short clips of much-loved songs and singers, so you can watch and listen to all your favourites.

The CD we send out with our Sparkles will be slowly phased out, and access to our huge range of music resources will be via a computer, laptop, iPad, Smart TV or mobile phone. Have a look at our recent digital article to suggest some of the ways that technology can support you in your day-to-day activities.

While it will require a small change for some of you who still use the CD, we know that overall this change will allow many many more residents to be able to enjoy the benefit of musical reminiscence. Feedback so far has been that people love the bigger range of playlists available and the reminiscence videos have been hugely popular. Those confined to their rooms, or those who prefer one-to-one sessions for instance, have really appreciated being able to access the music in their room on any wireless mobile device.

All of this will be available via our Resources Toolbox, which is included as part of a subscription to the Daily Sparkle, starting at just 59 a month. More information on the switch over will follow in December and January.