Felt Poppies

Here is a simple how-to guide to making felt poppies, submitted by Adriana Fernandez-Bowyer, a member of our Activities Coordinator Facebook Group.

You Will Need:

  • Red wool-blend felt
  • Pencil
  • Card (for heart pattern)
  • Tapestry needles
  • Black embroidery cotton
  • Black buttons
  • Brooch pin

  1. Draw a heart and cut across the bottom to give it a flat edge, as in the picture – this will be your petal template. (The size of the poppy depends on the size of the heart template.)
  2. You will need four petals per poppy. For group work, residents can trace the patterns and use scissors for cutting them out.
  3. Blanket stitch the petal edges of all four petals, as per the picture.
  4. Mark the centre lines detail with pencil, and blanket-stitch these with french knots.
  5. Use running stitch to attach the four petals.
  6. Then, pulling on the thread, gather the petals together, and stitch on a button to secure.
  7. Add a brooch pin if residents want to wear them.