Five Ways to Use Our Music Library

Offering monthly playlists, videos, music quizzes and printable activities to all of our subscribers, our music library isaccessible online from any phone, tablet or computer. In this article, we look at the various ways you can use these resources in your daily sessions…

Flexible Listening: Listen anytime, anywhere
The fact that all the music can now be played on a phone or tablet means care home staff no longer have to feel tied to a CD player or a communal space in order to play music for the residents. Our music service can be enjoyed by residents alone or with carers in their rooms, giving them more autonomy, as well as a chance for enjoyment and stimulation during lockdowns or other precautions.

New Videos: Watch and remember
This is a brand new feature, with a host of music videos, recordings of live performances and more, giving residents something to watch and get absorbed in, as well as listening to their favourite songs. We have carefully selected videos that are going to stimulate memories, conversations or positive feelings.

Monthly Playlists: Three separate playlists to choose from each month
There is an increasingly broad range of ages of residents within care homes, and we have often been asked to provide a bigger variety of music. The new service includes songs from the 1970s and 1980s for younger generations to enjoy, as well as more classic songs from the 1960s, including artists like The Beatles and Elvis, and songs going right back to the pre-war years. By including three separate playlists each month we hope there will be something for everyone.

Mini Music Quizzes: Quick and easy interactive quizzes
Accessed via the app, each month you can find simple quizzes to do with residents, in a group or one-to-one, including Mystery Voice, Spot the Tune, and Guess the Sound Effect.

Printable Music Resources: Monthly quiz questions to accompany playlists
All playlists come with a set of accompanying ‘What’s This Song?’ quiz questions. Residents can do the quiz by themselves, with a friend, or in a group activity session. It’s fun to do the quiz while listening to the music, but it could also work as a stand-alone resource. Each month, we also include a set of Fascinating Facts. These are designed to support conversations between activity coordinators or care staff and residents, by providing extra info about the songs and artists featured each month. The Fascinating Facts can also be used as a quiz – for example: “Do you know where Elvis was born?”


Stay tuned next week, for a quick guide to seven clever ways you can use our musical resources.