Gardening Essentials

As Spring starts to make itself known, youll be wanting to get out and about in the garden. Being able to use this space for your activities adds a whole new dimension to your schedule and theres plenty you can be doing. Potting flowers is one of the best activities for your residents, as it can be done from a chair onto a table, though you can also set the more agile residents up to do deadheading, watering, light weeding and planting.

To set up a little gardening club youll need:

Gardening gloves (five or so pairs)

Small forks and trowels (five to seven)

Two plastic buckets

Potting compost

Seasonal plants/bulbs

Two watering cans


Monthly Potting Activities:

  • March/April: Spring pansies, polyanthas, gladioli, acidantheras and sweet peas
  • May/June: Carnations, bush lobelia, bush petunia, bush fuschia, dahlias, fox gloves, Sweet Williams
  • July/August: Colchicums, lilies, spring bulbs
  • Sept/Oct: Winter pansies in pots, and spring bulbs such as snowdrops, bluebells, daffodils, tulips, crocus, hyacinths