How to get the best out of the Companionship App

Something For Everyone

Ideally, use an ipad or tablet if you have one. The bigger screen makes it easier for clients to see photos, videos and text.

Take a short time to look at all the resources on the app. There is something there for everyone.

The Daily Sparkle reminiscence newspapers are very popular with older people and people living with dementia. There are Carer’s Notes on the last page, so have a look at these first and then read one or more columns to your client.
One great way is to act as if you know nothing about the article and ask them if they could tell you about it. This usually gets people talking and sharing about their past.

Quizzes are very popular with older people. There are lots of quizzes to use. Some are general knowledge, others trigger reminiscence, and there are still others which are about well-known songs and music.

The Activity Bank section of the app has 100s of other activities – something for everyone. Find out what your client would like to do and there’s a big chance the app will have what you need.