How the Home Care Companionship Package can greatly improve the Client Experience

Most older people enjoy interesting, entertaining and engaging conversation. Of equal importance is the fact that, like everyone else, their brains need regular and frequent mental and emotional stimulation.

Our Companionship Package is a superb pack of tools to help your carers provide all of the above, even if they are, initially, under-confident.

The Companionship Package has been carefully designed to:

  • Provide a wide variety of activities so there is plenty of choice for everyone.
  • Be appealing to older people so that they want to be involved. Every activity is proven to be of interest to elderly people.
  • Subtly make use of Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), Reminiscence Therapy and Reality Therapy to ensure adequate mental and emotional stimulation on every visit.
  • Include many activities specifically developed for people living with dementia.
  • Empower under-confident carers by always having a large library of appropriate activities at hand. They are never short of things to offer.
  • Never get boring. New content every day with our Activity Bank featuring fresh activities every month.
  • Include the powerful Companionship App which enables all your carers to have these activity resources always at hand.

As I’m sure you know, if your clients are provided with interesting and entertaining conversation, and they are engaged mentally and emotionally on a regular basis, your client-satisfaction ratings will be high.

The Daily Sparkle Home Care Companionship Package, which comprises all our resources and our App, has been specifically developed to help you achieve outstanding ratings.

See for yourself with a no-obligation 6-week free trial