How can a deceptively simple tool such as a newspaper transform the culture of a Home Care Agency?

By Taking Small Steps

Challenge Fear In The Workplace

When a new procedure is rolled out in any workplace setting, staff often react with fear, assuming they will struggle to adapt.

However, using the Daily Sparkle as a fun way to open up conversations and build relationships is so easy that almost all carers will give it a go. There is even a selection of suggested questions that carers can open up sessions with.

Before you know it, even reticent staff members will be laughing and sharing memories with clients on a regular basis.

Easy Learning Curve

Unlike many new implementations, there is hardly any learning curve involved with the Daily Sparkle. It is a truly holistic and user-friendly communication aid that can be picked up and used immediately.

For those employees who still require a little help, our handy quick-start guide will introduce them to the Daily Sparkles features and can form the basis of reminiscence training.

By Breaking Down Barriers

Encourage Your Carers To Engage

Most carers want to do an excellent job and have their clients value and look forward to their visits. However, some carers may feel under-confident in the social/companionship aspect of their work. They may feel inadequately prepared to entertain the client, and have few, if any tools to support them.

Most older people enjoy interesting, entertaining and engaging conversation. Of equal importance is the fact that, like everyone else, their brains need regular and frequent mental and emotional stimulation.

The Daily Sparkle is a superb tool to help your carers provide all the above, even if they are, initially, under-confident.

The Sparkles can even help staff morale

The Daily Sparkle fosters connection on so many levels, helping staff to start speaking to one another as well as to their clients.

The newspaper articles provide topics of common interest, thus facilitating conversation and new friendships.

No Obligation Free Trial

  • Dip your toe in and see what the Daily Sparkle has to offer with our free trial
  • Get the Daily Sparkles emailed to you directly each week
  • The Companionship App
  • Music playlists
  • No obligation to buy

A Familiar Friend

For Residents With Dementia

The Daily Sparkle can become a familiar friend in a world that can seem chaotic and frightening. Even the routine of reading our daily paper can be a source of comfort while a clear reference to the day’s date helps with orientation.

For Planning

The Daily Sparkle provides monthly plans to help carers plan their future visits, giving clear frameworks to build on. Knowing what topics are coming up, you can now plan in advance specific activity sessions based on the content featured.

The Daily Sparkle is an innovative way to help our clients and carers with topics for conversation. There’s so much value in staff having the confidence to be able to chat to our clients, and they enjoy the memories.

Sue Smith