The Home Care Companionship Package

Brilliant For Your Business

The cost of a Daily Sparkle Home Care subscription is typically under 1 per carer per month (3p a day). For such a minimal investment your business will be improved in so many ways. The likelihood is that, with the increase in enquiry-to-client conversion rates, your subscription will be more than paid for by generating new clients and income.

With your subscription you will also receive support in using our resources to benefit all sections of your business.

  • Increases your enquiry-to-client conversion rates by 10-20%
  • Cost of subscription covered by increased income
  • Significantly improves staff-retention levels
  • Community Marketing Licences provide new client leads
  • Enhanced client satisfaction, word-of-mouth recommendations & higher ratings
  • Companionship App provided to all your carers
  • Exceeds CQC ‘responsiveness’ KLOE requirements higher ratings

As a commercial business, how can we support you?

Sales And Marketing

At The Daily Sparkle we know that our resources can act as powerful sales and marketing tools. Just show the Companionship App to potential clients and they are immediately reassured that you are a professional organisation, using professional tools to provide professional care.

There are other tools which work just as effectively and to find out more please email

Proud To Be A Social Enterprise

Right from the start we opted for a commercial structure rather than a charitable one because we believed that what we can achieve as a social enterprise is greater than what we could as a charity.

The commercial structure is more robust and is a better fit with the majority of commercial organisations which operate within the healthcare sector.

If you haven’t already tried out the Home Care subscription you can have a 6-week free trial today

If you have tried it out and seen how much the Companionship Pack can benefit your business, subscribe now