The Daily Sparkle has enhanced the quality of life for thousands of older people and people living with dementia

What Is The Daily Sparkle?

For over 10 years The Daily Sparkle has been the most used and most popular activity resource throughout the UK. Used in care homes, home care agencies, hospitals and day centres, the award-winning Daily Sparkles are the foundation products on which to build an outstanding companionship service.

The Daily Sparkles are reminiscence newspapers specially developed to provide daily stimulation, interest, enjoyment and fun for older people, and people living with dementia.

They are daily newspapers which are about the world many older people live in, a world which we see as the past, but which is often their experience of current reality. The articles trigger memories of times when they often felt happier. The Daily Sparkle helps older people feel good about themselves.

The Daily Sparkle evokes feelings of happiness and enhanced self-esteem. It also provides the perfect opportunity for interpersonal engagement. With its short, easy-to-digest articles, older people enjoy sharing their precious memories with others, paving the way to building relationships with staff and other residents.


Every tiny little detail is meticulously crafted to exactly meet the needs of older people and to trigger warm memories. Each edition goes through a stringent quality control process to make sure that the standard is second to none.

benefits of the daily sparkle - leters column, evocative images, quizzes, large clear fonts, carers notes, stimulating questions, customisation, reminiscence articles


For Home Care Clients

Ultimately, the Daily Sparkle is built around one mission: improving the quality of life for older people and people living with dementia. With a readership of over 100,000, the Daily Sparkle is found in care settings throughout the UK – care homes, home care agencies, day centres and hospitals.

For Carers

The Daily Sparkle helps carers be better at what they do, providing them with a simple way to connect with residents and get off to a good start. The Sparkles get people talking and, because of that, they are the perfect tool for building and consolidating carer-client relationships.

For Managers and Stakeholders

For home care agency owners, the Daily Sparkle helps with branding, compliance and stakeholder relations.

Simply using your Daily Sparkles marks your agency as a place where clients will be stimulated as well as cared for physically. However, you can strengthen your branding further by including your agency’s name on the cover of the Daily Sparkle and referencing the Sparkles on your website.

The Daily Sparkle is also perfect for helping ensure compliance with the Care Standards Act covering the KLOE section on being Responsive. It also helps agency managers to comply with the Core Competencies set out by the CQC, to embody the ethos of the Dignity in Care Campaign and to support the growing importance of meaningful engagement in care settings.

For Everybody

The power of the Daily Sparkle to bring people together extends beyond clients and carers. Clients’ relatives and friends often enjoy reading and talking about articles and the other activities within its pages. The Daily Sparkle adds another fun and rewarding dimension to their calls and visits.

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