How to Use Pinterest

Pinterest is one of the best ways to source ideas and craft activities and plan sessions with a seasonal or celebratory theme too.

Anyone can join Pinterest and its simple to use. Essentially a gigantic scrapbook of great ideas, you can search by theme or activity or keywords, and create moodboards of ideas for different activities.

For instance, if you wanted to create some ideas for a Wimbledon party you could search for tennis table decorations, Wimbledon crafts, tennis cup cakes and more, putting together in one place all your ideas.

The Daily Sparkle is on Pinterest and we update our pages regularly to share hundreds of brilliant crafting and seasonal ideas for you. Find us here.


  • Go to Pinterestand create an account
  • When you sign up, youll have the option to link either yourFacebookaccount which is a good idea if your network with other Activities Coordinators using Facebook
  • Create a profile by making up a username, and writing a short intro about who you are or what you do, just a few words will do, you can also add a photo or picture
  • Search for friends/groups that you also follow on Facebook or know personally or through work, you will be able to see what theyve saved too and if they have similar interests to you.
  • Start by making a Board click the Add +” button above your name on your Pinterest page. Theme it as something youre interested in, for instance, tennis, retro baking, garden party ideas or Halloween crafts you can see the kinds of boards we have on our page here.
  • Using the Search bar at the top of the page, just type whatever you are looking for and wait for the results
  • Hover over a picture you like, and the option to Save will appear at the top, with a suggestion of which board to save it to next to it, you can just click Save or use the drop down arrow to pick a different board.

Top Tips for Pinterest

  1. Install the Pin It Button: The easiest way to add content to your boards from anywhere on the internet is to add the “Pin It” button to your web browser. Click the + sign at the bottom right of the page onPinterest to learn how to install it. You can also add pins via the Pin It button on your favourite sites. It will usually be close to theFacebookandTwittershare buttons.
  2. Use the Categories List: Click on the three horizontal lines on the right of the search bar, which opens up the categories list, where you can click on whatever category you want to search for. A quick and easy way to get started.
  3. Follow Boards: Search for people, companies, friends and colleagues whose boards might also have interesting content, so you dont miss any great ideas.