‘Reader’s Corner’ – Memory Lane

At the very heart of the Daily Sparkle is our mission to prompt memories. We understand the power of reminiscence and how it can empower the elderly and those living with dementia. So nothing makes us happier than hearing success stories from our wonderful readers.

This week we heard from Vicky Munday from Advinia Health Care, who wanted to let us know how our resources had helped more than ever during a tricky week.

Vicky said: “I found it hard this past few days as we are in the midst of an outbreak. Thank goodness for the Daily Sparkle. The memories ignited by one small part of the magazine has lead to fabulous discussions and trips down memory lane. What do Bob Marley and Frank Ifield have in common? They were both in our Sparkle yesterday! Bob Marley inspired some dancing and singing, and Frank Ifield prompted memories about how two of our lovely residents met their husbands at the dance halls… Along with a word quiz for our Audrey who loves a crossword, there is something for everyone in the Sparkles.”

Thank you so much for taking the time to share these words with us, Vicky. We are delighted to be a part of daily life at Alma Barn Lodge.

We love hearing your stories and activity ideas. We invite you to submit them to Reader’s Corner by emailing