Music & Memories

Recently in our Activity Coordinators’ Facebook Group, we ran an ‘ideas share’, getting everyone to share one of their favourite simple activities ideas, and in turn, benefit from everyone else’s ideas too.

The list we ended up with had over 50 fantastic activities from armchair boules to laminating local photographs and plenty of guessing games. Over the course of the coming weeks we are going to share this extensive and varied list with you, providing a little inspiration for your planning sessions.


Local Placemats: We have recently covered our placements with old pictures of the local area. They have been a massive hit and are a real conversation starter at mealtimes. (Jeanette S Mort.) Print old photos from a local nostalgia site, or you can buy them from Francis Frith at a discounted price on our website here. Decoupage them onto existing placemats and add a couple of coats of varnish.

Making Wishes: An alternative to New Year’s resolutions but relevant throughout the year. Make a commitment to making as many of them happen as you can, and hang all of them on a memory or wishing tree. Get care home staff involved too. Some of our residents wanted a simple thing, like a gentleman wishing to go to his church, or another resident who had just gone into a wheelchair having the confidence to go on a theatre trip after not knowing that most theatres will easily accommodate wheelchairs. One lady wants to be able to Skype her friends in Spain. (Lauren Tompkins)

Giving Advice: A great talking activity – get each resident to share a piece of advice for the younger generation. You could then gather them together and share on social media, Facebook Care Home pages, or in the care home newsletter.

Drum Workshop: Such a simple way to make a bit of noise and get out any frustrations! Gather together old pots, pans, buckets and junk, and use drumsticks or hands to bang out a rhythm.

Musical Club: Start a musicals club, featuring a different format or theme each week. This could be a discussion of favourite musicals, sitting together to watch a musical, a quiz using songs from popular musicals, or even a simple sing-song of your favourite numbers from old musicals.