National Care Home Day

28 June is National Care Home Open Day.

Now in its seventhyear, National Care Home open day is all about friendship, making connections and celebrating older and vulnerable people. Opening care homes up in this way is a great opportunity to forge new connections with the local community and also to share how much hard work and creativity goes into each day in a care home.

This years theme is celebrating the role of Arts in Care, and aims to demonstrate how care homes are creative communities.

To help celebrate this incredible day, the amazing team at Creative Mojo, who provide arts and crafts classes in care home across the UK, are asking residents to assist in painting paper butterflies, which will be displayed on a special Tree of Celebration.

“We will combine these butterflies with all the others produced by thousands of residents around the country and exhibit them on a large tree at a local National Trust property Knightshayes here in Devon, where we are based.” explains director Sandra Caldeira-Dunkerley.Homes will also have the option to decorate their own tree at their own home too. “We are looking forward to seeing the fantastic butterflies people across the UK produce ready for the big day,” adds Sandra.

You can register to be involved here and open your care home to the public to share some of the amazing things you are doing with others.Or get in touch with your nearest Mojo for more information by searchingHERE.