New Music Service Launches

Our new music service will launch in February, as part of our Resources Toolbox, collating all your music playlists, songs, quizzes and facts in one place, easily accessible through the app or online.

From 1st February you will be able to find all monthly music resources on the Resources Toolbox, via a computer, laptop, iPad, Smart TV or mobile phone. Included every month will be three printable playlists – with all your residents’ favourite songs and fun reminiscence videos, as well as some fascinating facts sheets and a music quiz. You can see a sample of these on this link – just scroll to the bottom of the page.

To access the new Music section, just click on the Resources Toolbox icon in your weekly Sparkles email or in the Daily Sparkle app and you’ll find the Music button there.

As we introduce this new digital service, our monthly singalong CD will be slowly discontinued, with the March CD being the final edition. After that, all our music will be available in the Resources Toolbox or on our app.

If you use our app, you’ll need to do the latest update, or delete the app from your phone and reinstall the updated version from the App store. The updated version of the app will launch a couple of days before 1st February, with the new music integrated. (If you need help, you can use our easy Daily Sparkle app guide or call us on 0800 228 9698.)

While this upgraded system may require a small change for some of the homes who still use our CD, we know that overall this new service will offer huge benefits to activity coordinators and their residents. It will allow residents to listen to music independently, with more flexibility on how, where and when you use music, and it offers a much broader variety of songs that residents will enjoy.

The music service is included with every care home subscription, and you can find out more here.