Pool Activity Level (PAL)

We are proud to announce our partnership with QCS and Jackie Pool, creator of the PAL instrument.

What is PAL?

PAL (Pool Activity Level) is a simple, effective tool enabling true person-centred care and wellbeing of people living with all stages of dementia. PAL is powered by Quality Compliance Systems (QCS)

The PAL instrument consists of a quick yet reliable checklist to complete for each individual resident. The checklist determines an ability level for each resident – Planned, Exploratory, Sensory or Reflex. PAL creates an appropriate PAL profile for each resident, so you can facilitate and tailor activities for everyone.

PAL checklist

Jackie Pool has personally written the PAL Guide for Activity Provision exclusively for use with Daily Sparkle activities.

By using this guide, you can ensure that all Daily Sparkle activity resources are used and enjoyed by every single resident.


“PAL helps us to understand the environment and approach that is best suited to residents’ needs”


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