Basic Subscription

Save hours of preparation whilst providing wonderful fresh reminiscence material


  • Branded and customised copies of The Daily or Weekly Sparkle (emailed). Ideal for reminiscence sessions.
  • Monthly Music & Singalongs
  • Carers notes for each edition
  • Daily Sparkle monthly plans
  • Daily Sparkle App
  • Content-Inspired Session Suggestions

The Benefits

  • The Basic subscription package gives you the Daily Sparkle and accompanying monthly music and singalongs.
  • The Daily Sparkles can be customised with your homes name and logo, helping to promote your home’s image.
  • The App allows you to read the Daily Sparkles on the move. Perfect for reaching those who are unable to join in with group sessions.
  • Our Daily Sparkle monthly plan and content inspired session suggestions are intended to help activity co-ordinators plan their activities around the articles featured in the Daily Sparkle.