No-Obligation Free Trial

Save hours of preparation whilst providing wonderful fresh reminiscence material


  • 6 full weeks of the Daily Sparkle (emailed)
  • Reminiscence music video playlists
  • Carer’s Notes for each edition
  • Ready-printed, high-quality Weekly Sparkles
  • The Sparkles Magazine
  • Daily Sparkle App

The Benefits

  • With no obligation to buy, you can try out the Daily Sparkle free for 6 weeks.
  • The Daily and Weekly Sparkles are ideal for reminiscence sessions, or can simply be left in reception and common areas of your home for residents, visitors and staff to read.
  • Carer’s Notes are included with every edition. These give further background information on the articles featured, and provide questions to support reminiscence and interaction.
  • The App allows you to read copies of the Daily Sparkle wherever you are. Perfect for reaching those who are unable to join in with group sessions.