Home Care Subscription

Give your carers the perfect tools to provide engaging and enjoyable companionship for your clients


  • Branded and customised copies of the Daily Sparkle (emailed).
  • Carer’s Notes for each edition.
  • Music playlists.
  • The Companionship App for 60 carers.
  • The Daily Sparkle Activities Toolbox.

The Benefits

  • The Daily Sparkles are ideal for building carer-client relationships.
  • Carer’s Notes are included with every edition. These give background information on the articles featured, and provide carers with conversation prompts to support reminiscence and interaction.
  • The Activities Toolbox has so many different activities that there is always something for everyone.
  • The Companionship App features all the resources at the click of a button. Carers are never short of interesting activities to offer.
  • Comes with 60 unique and secure carer logins.