Premium Subscription

Temporarily unavailable due to Covid-19 Please contact us for further information


  • Branded and customised copies of the Daily or Weekly Sparkle (emailed)
  • Carer’s Notes for each edition
  • Ready-printed, high-quality Weekly Sparkles
  • The Sparkles Magazine
  • Resources Toolbox
  • Monthly music playlists
  • Two Activity Coordinator Training Day places (per subscribing home)
  • Full onboarding support
  • Content-inspired session suggestions
  • Daily Sparkle App

The Benefits

  • The Daily Sparkle can be customised with your home’s name and logo, helping to promote your home’s image.
  • Monthly plans and content-inspired session suggestions are available to help activity coordinators plan their sessions around upcoming articles.
  • Our ready-printed Weekly Sparkles are perfect for leaving in reception and common areas for visitors to use.
  • The monthly music playlists with accompanying videos are ideal for reminiscence, prompting conversation or simply enjoying happy memories.
  • The App allows you to read issues of the Daily Sparkle wherever you are. Perfect for reaching those who are unable to join in with group sessions.
  • Our Resource Toolbox is a treasure trove of downloadable resources, quizzes and activities.
  • 2 places on one of our comprehensive Activity Coordinators Training Days. Locations available nationwide throughout the year.
  • Full onboarding support from the Daily Sparkle, enabling you to fully embed the resource into your home’s activities programme, ensuring you get the best out of your subscription.